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About Us

At Saturn Music & Entertainment, we believe in the power of family and storytelling to shape the future. Our children’s books are packed with relatable characters and exciting adventures for young children that demonstrate the importance of family values and inspire imagination.

Our books are designed to be a fun experience for parents and children to enjoy together and inspire imaginative play. Join us on this journey to build a brighter future, one family, one story at a time.

Our Beliefs

At Saturn Music and Entertainment, we believe in the importance of family. We understand that the family is the fundamental unit of society and the foundation for strong communities.

As a former traveling homeschool special needs family, we know the importance of having a loving and supportive family to navigate through the challenges of life.

Through storytelling, imagination, and values-driven entertainment, we strive to connect families, build understanding, and help kids become confident, compassionate, conscientious, and creative individuals.


We believe that family is the fundamental unit of society and the foundation for strong communities.


We believe that imagination is essential to nourishing the soul and shaping the future.


We believe that storytelling is one of the most powerful tools to connect people and build understanding.


We believe that by encouraging conscientiousness, we can create a society of individuals who are more in tune with themselves and the world around them.

Old-Fashioned Values 

We believe in shaping the next generation through positive family values and messages in our stories.


We believe that community is essential for raising strong, compassionate individuals and building a better future.

Meet The Team

Meet The Saturn Creative Team – a former traveling homeschool special needs family with a creative spirit. Led by Connie Mink, together with her kids Madeline and Hayden, this family creates and produces children’s entertainment as a family unit. They spent eight years traveling the world, immersing themselves in local cultures, exploring new surroundings, and learning along the way.

Connie Mink


Hayden Mink


Madeline Mink