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NEW MUSIC – Rise of the Croc-Bots – Ludwig the Platypus – The Saturn Creative Team


We are excited to officially release  one of the music pieces from our upcoming comic book series, Ludwig the Platypus. Rise of the Croc-Bots is our first official music demo release.


The Idea

These new music compositions are based on the upcoming kids comic book series we created titled, Ludwig the Platypus. This mechanical rock theme song, Rise of the Croc-Bots, represents the introduction of the evil robot crocodile army called Croc-Bots, who serve their master, King Gator.

Since the music will accompany art in the digital comic, we composed this song based on a particular scene we outlined where an army of Croc-Bots march into the city, then, the battle begins.

Throughout the entire album, our goal with the music is to set the tone for the scenes of the comic, while maintaining the fun, good-natured vibes of the comic series as a whole. So while this song is meant to be intense, we also made it fun and catchy to go along with the comic’s theme.

Developing The Music

We starting working with our sound engineer, Beau Vallis mid summer 2017.  Beau brought out the sounds of our music in a way that made us re-look at our composing structure.  Through his engineering, he was able to bring out sounds and tones that just weren’t possible within our Sibelius program.  It was like a whole new world opened up for us and we could see limitless possibilities.

Around the same time last year, we were traveling across the country (from Seattle to Jacksonville, FL) and had to temporarily put the album on hold. Our music composition teacher, Willow Goodine, gave us the opportunity to have a few of our songs played by his youth rock orchestras, and we shifted our focus to creating orchestral arrangements of our original work for live musicians.

As we worked with the orchestras, we learned how to improve the songs for the album by bringing out the sounds and tones with specific instrumentation – a skill Beau helped us discover. When we originally composed Rise of the Croc-Bots, there were no drums, strings, or brass included. After we heard the fullness of the orchestra with all of these new additions, we decided to take a new direction with our music, and transform our Ludwig the Platypus album into a rock orchestra album.

The Final Results

After many edits and mixes, we have isolated our unique composing style and are ready to start releasing our music. It has taken us longer to understand the concepts of writing and releasing music, but we are incredibly grateful that we were presented with this amazing learning opportunity and support network of talented (and patient) mentors.

Music Distribution

Now that we are ready to start releasing our music, we are on the hunt for the best places to post our works. With our Saturn Music & Entertainment homeschool project, it has always been very important for us to support the revolutionary technology of crypto-currencies/blockchain, and we wish to also share our music through this technology. What are your favorite blockchain/crypto music distribution platforms? Where would you like to hear our music?

In addition to blockchain music distribution, we are looking into mainstream ways to distribute our work that is easily accessible for our younger audience of kids. What are your favorite mainstream channels for listening to music? We have done some research into the various distribution methods, and would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading/listening! Be sure to stay tuned for more updates on our music album, and if you have any tips, please leave us a comment on social media!


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