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NEW MUSIC – Heroes Rise – Ludwig the Platypus – The Saturn Creative Team

Heroes Rise, our first chamber-style music release.


The Idea

Heroes Rise is the only chamber-style orchestra piece on our album, and it will accompany an epic scene in our upcoming comic series, Ludwig the Platypus. In this scene, the heroes – Ludwig, Aiden, Ethan, and Samantha – are struggling to win the battle against the mighty army of Croc-Bots (evil robotic crocodiles that serve the series villain, King Gator). Just when they think all hope is lost, they find their inner strength and work together to foil the plans the mighty robot crocodile army.

P.S, listen to Rise of the Croc-Bots to capture the idea of these minions.

Composing The Music

Heroes Rise was actually one of our earliest music compositions. While on a road trip through the Icefields Parkway in Canada in 2015, Hayden sat in the car composing the theme’s main melody, and afterwards, saved it in a file for a later date. Over a year later, after participating in a youth chamber orchestra in Portland, Oregon, we rediscovered Hayden’s original idea and took our time to expand on it.

The original concept was composed of three instruments – Trumpet, Trombone and Tuba – and thanks to what we learned through our music composition teacher in lessons, we added a full strings section, additional brass parts, and saxophones.

The Final Results

Heroes Rise is a full chamber-style orchestra piece that features a catchy melody, with cinematic-like drama. All of the chamber elements and the mood of this piece makes Heroes Rise another one of our favorite songs that we have ever composed. While planning the album, we made sure that we included one chamber orchestra piece amongst the rock orchestra music to add diversity to the album.

In addition to releasing Heroes Rise today, the Pacific Youthful Rock Orchestra in Seattle, Washington, will be showcasing the piece in their next concert, June 18th.  It’s been fun working with such a talented mix of musicians and we are looking forward to the concert.

A funny side note; When we first presented Heroes Rise to the Pacific Youthful Rock Orchestra the first comment from the group was the seasoned French Horn player gasping, “4 flats!?!” We chuckle every time we think about it.

As always, thank you for reading/listening. We want to know, what are your favorite songs from the album so far? Tell us on our social media platforms – SteemitFacebook or Twitter.


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