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Creative Minds United Update – Keeton

In December of 2016, we had the pleasure of interviewing our first ever Creative Mind, Keeton(a.k.a @snapesacorn).  As we continue to follow Keeton’s artistic journey on social media, we have seen her achieve some new milestones.  Earlier this month, Keeton announced the launch of her latest project, Local Dream Design, her new online business on Etsy.  Here she publishes her wide range of artistic styles and has released many new compositions since the interview.


Keeton has also had the privilege to participate in a state wide art competition for high school ages.  Not only did she make the top 20 artists in her state but she also received a scholarship at a nearby art school.

While Keeton has been keeping busy with starting a business and entering art competitions, she has also been releasing videos on YouTube that gives people an inside look on how she produces her art.  Recently, she has posted videos called Speedpaint which shows how she electronically colors her compositions.  We particularly like all of the vibrant colors in one of her more recent compositions – Twenty One Pilots Speedpaint: Rain Down. You can find her YouTube Channel here.


Artistic talent seems to run in her family because Keeton’s younger sister,@winterhamster_art, has also begun to share her compositions.  In fact, one of her compositions was shared by a well-known Instagrammer, Alexa Poletti, whom has over 85 thousand followers on Instagram. That’s some really great exposure!

We enjoy seeing that these Creative Minds are so passionate about what they love and that they continue to expand their talents and grow more as people.  We hope the journeys of these young talents will inspire others to let their creativity shine.

Fantastic work, Keeton! We are looking forward to seeing your online business develop and look forward to more new art compositions.

You can support Keeton by checking out her online business, following her on Instagram and sharing this blog post.

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