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Give Peace A Chance – New Music

Today, we are thrilled to announce the release of our first Holiday song, Give Peace A Chance.  This 2016 Holiday song composed and written by us (The Saturn Music Creative Team) promotes peace this season and beyond.

During the holiday season, our family has kept the tradition of giving to our community through what we called Simple Acts of Kindness.  We share our Acts of Kindness ideas on the internet through our Mom’s blog.  Usually our daily act of kindness would be something along the lines of baking cookies for the elderly, or fundraising for our local humane society, but this year we wanted to do something different.  Since we are traveling this holiday season, we don’t have the same access to the supplies or communities to practice the services we usually do when we are not traveling.  This year, we decided to compose a holiday song to help promote peace this season and hopefully year round.

Please help us with our Act of Kindness Project by sharing this song with your friends and family.  We hope to spread this message worldwide to promote more world peace.

Special thanks to Audrey Carmel McDonald for vocals and Willow Goodine for helping produce this MP3.

Click here to listen to Give Peace A Chance. You can also find the song and the lyrics on our music page.

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