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Homeschool Music Project Comes To Life

We are so excited to announce that a homeschool project we have been working on for a couple of years is now going to come to life – on stage – live!

Since the beginning of the year, we have been working with the Pacific Youth Rock Orchestrato play three of our music compositions from our upcoming rock orchestra album – Ludwig the Platypus. We have been so involved in working with the orchestra that some of our other projects got put on the back burner, such as writing blogs. As the concert is quickly approaching, and the musicians have a good grasp on our music, we have time to write about our music project, and the many lessons we have learned along the way.

Today, we want to share a little bit of the story behind our music, and how we got involved with the Pacific Youth Rock Orchestra.


A Quick Background on Our Music

One homeschool project that we have been developing over the past couple of years is a comic book series called Ludwig the Platypus. This fun, upbeat series is based on the life of a teenage platypus, Ludwig, whose life changes forever when he, his brother and friends suddenly possess superpowers.

Over the course of the past couple of years, we have learned that developing a comic book is a lot more challenging than we originally anticipated. Creating a comic series takes a lot of time, as well as funding – especially if your specialty is not in comic illustration. In order to further develop Ludwig the Platypus, we have decided to first release the music that accompanies the comic in order to raise the funds we require for professional comic book artists and a marketing team.

An Exciting Opportunity


The upcoming album for Ludwig the Platypus features lively, upbeat music that is composed of rock orchestra arrangements, with an occasional flare of jazz. We have been composing music since 2015, and thanks to the help of our amazing tutor, Willow Goodine, we have been able to advance our composing abilities. Willow has been showing us the works of music theory, how to compose in various genres, and many other fascinating aspects of composing music.

Over the course of three years, we have made a lot of progress in our learning by working with Willow. While our progress has improved significantly, prior to working with PYRO, we had not yet applied our music to the real-world through live musicians. Everything we had composed was played by sounds from a digital music composition program, which of course, sounds nothing like a real musician.

In December of 2017, Willow presented us with the opportunity of having our music played by the Pacific Youth Rock Orchestra(s) in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington. Of course, we immediately jumped at this amazing opportunity and have been working with the PYRO ever since.

Next Level Learning


Since we started working with The Pacific Youth Rock Orchestra, we have entered a whole new level of learning as composers. Now when we compose music, we consider many aspects of music composition that we didn’t before. These aspects range from personal arrangements per student musician, to how all of the sounds come together live. In our next post, we will be sharing one of the first lessons we learned on our music journey.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to stay tuned for more awesome content, coming soon.



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