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Introducing Saturn Music and Entertainment – Our Entertainment Outlet

Welcome to Saturn Music and Entertainment, our ongoing homeschool assignment and entertainment outlet!  Today is our official launch day and we are very excited to introduce our project to you.

In March of 2016, we were given a homeschool assignment to start up a creative project using as much blockchain technology that was available and simple enough for us to use.  With our combined passion for music, art, writing, journalism, crypto-currencies and community service, we decided the best way to combine these ideas was to first create a site that brought these ideas together and supported crypto-currency transactions in some way.  As we created content that we wanted to distribute, we discovered that blockchain technologies, likeAlexandria and LBRY, provide decentralized tools that make it easy to integrate with current tech.   And social sites like Steemit offer blockchain technology alternatives to big centralized systems while still blending nicely with mega-corps like Facebook and Twitter.

As we continue to express our creativity through our website and use decentralized tech where we can, we are getting real-world experience by sharing and marketing our content and connecting with our audience.   We’ve learned so much already getting this site set up and creating content that we will continue to add over the next several weeks.

Check out our first book, Tootsie & Wilsonmusic compositionsKids Hub and also our firstCreative Minds United interview.

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