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Meet Adam Kulju – Talented Young Composer & Musican

Say hello to Adam Kulju; a young Canadian composer, musician and fellow homeschooler.  We discovered Adam and his amazing abilities through a homeschool website called the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum. We found his blog, Young Tune Smith, and were thrilled to find another homeschooled composer.  On Adam’s blog, he shares his contemporary music compositions, musical performances and his free downloadable sheet music.

We were so blown away by his amazing works and his passion for music that we wanted to share his talents with you for our June Creative Minds United blog.

How It All Began

After starting piano lessons at age 5, Adam began composing music.  Adam’s first six years of composing was all self-taught.  Now, age 13, he has four instructors for all music studies and is grasping even more of the wonders of the music world. Here is a video of one of his earlier piano compositions, Rondo in C Minor.

Adam’s Composing Journey

When we discovered Adam’s YouTube channel, we saw over 80 uploads! We were astonished to find this much content on his channel.  Adam began publishing compositions performed on piano that typically lasted 2-3 minutes. Now, he is releasing pieces with more instruments and even more complexity.  We were particularly impressed with Adam’s first symphony, Symphony No. 1 in D Minor.

Adam As A Musician

Adam’s talents are not limited to composing – he is also a very talented musician.  Six months after starting piano lessons, Adam wanted to take on the violin.  Piano & Violin are his primary instruments, and he has also learned guitar and some vocals.  As a musician, he has been a part of many small ensemble groups and has even performed one of his own compositions with a professional orchestra, as a soloist.

Adam is the oldest out of his five siblings and they also occasionally join him in making music.  For the past few years, he and his siblings have performed Christmas songs Adam has composed.  His younger brother, Anthony, comes up with lyrics and Adam comes up with a melody that the rest of the siblings perform together.  Check out: Adam’s brother Anthony performs cello for some of Adam’s other compositions.


Life At Home

We do wish we had personally interviewed Adam, but thankfully we found a Q&A interview by Homeschool Base  that covered a lot of questions we would have asked.  According to Homeschool Base, Adam has an alternative way of homeschooling. He primarily focuses on music and does not purse other academics. However, Adam enjoys reading non-fiction books, so he still is learning. In Ontario Canada, homeschoolers are not required to take annual mandatory tests, so this frees up Adam’s schedule to build his future and pursue his passion of music.


Building His Future

As Adam continues to compose more music and advance further in his music studies, he is building the vision he wants for his adulthood.  Within the next 10 years, Adam’s goal is to become a famous composer and musician.  Based on everything he has accomplished at his current age, we see that his goal is highly probable.

Adam’s vision and drive is something we really admire. Instead of waiting until he graduates from high school, or gets a degree from a college, Adam is pursuing his dream and passion at a young age.  This is the main reason why we wanted to share his talents with you today.  With our Creative Minds United project, we want to help young creative talents achieve their dreams.  That’s why we write about their talents; we want to spread the word.  And you can help too!  The best way to support Adam’s goal is to subscribe to his YouTube channel and blog, and share his works.  Have a listen to his most recent composition, The Garden – for Solo Violin and String Orchestra.

Also, on Adam’s website at the bottom of each blog post, there is a donation option.  As fellow homeschoolers, we understand that learning is not always free and that donations help for more music education.

Good luck, Adam!  We wish you all the best.

Are you (or someone you know) a young creative talent that would like to be showcased on one of our upcoming Creative Minds United interviews?  Complete this formcontact us and we’ll get back to you with more details.

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By: The Saturn Creative Team

Video Source:  Adam Kulju Youtube Channel


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