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Meet Asher Milman – Talented Young Violinist

Meet Asher Milman; a nine year old Russian-American violinist with amazing talent. We were introduced to Asher last year as a new violinist of a youth chamber orchestra in Portland, Oregon.  Upon meeting Asher, we were astonished to hear so much talent at just eight years old.  We watched his small fingers gracefully select the sounds as he listened to each note with his eyes closed, having already memorized the complex Vivaldi sheet music.  His bowing and grace with the violin was breathtaking.

Immediately after meeting Asher we wanted to get to know him better.  Where did this talent come from?  How long had he been playing the violin?  What inspired him at such an early age?

While conducting the interview, we learned that Asher is not only gifted at music, but also atballroom dancing.  He and his sister Michelle have placed first numerous times at the Northwest Dance Championships.  A great brother-sister duo, Asher and Michelle often preform together in both music and dancing.

For this month’s Creative Minds United post, we focused on Asher’s violin talents  – even though he has so many more.


Saturn Creative Team:  We have never met someone of your age with such an amazing talent on the violin. How did your journey in music begin?

Asher Milman:  When I was 4 years old, I saw the movie “Red Violin” and my neighbor gave me a permission to hold her violin.

S.C.T :  While watching Red Violin, was there a particular scene (that you can recall) that made you decide to take on the violin?

Asher:  The boy played the violin so well but he doesn’t finish the piece because he passed away in that moment.



S.C.T :  Besides watching the movie, Red Violin, who else inspired you to take on an instrument?

Asher:  My inspiration was the music of J.S. Bach and Fritz Kreisler.  I heard that Kreisler was a favorite composer of my grand-grandfather who played violin very well.  And Bach’s music touches my heart so much.

S.C.T :  What qualities/skills have you gained since becoming a musician?

Asher:  Collaboration skills and confidence.

S.C.T :  What is your favorite piece to listen to?

Asher:  Chaconne by J.S. Bach. It is so much sound in it.  This piece played by so many famous violinists that I can listen to them and learn from them so much each time.

S.C.T :  How do you apply your talent in your everyday life?

Asher:  Learning the violin increases my coordination and motor skills in everyday life.

S.C.T :  What do you enjoy most about playing the violin?

Asher:  I enjoy that the violin has such a deep emotional sound.

S.C.T :  What has been your greatest success in music?

Asher:  Play music with my sister.  We are a really great team, and she is playing music very beautifully and confidently.


S.C.T :  What do you hope to accomplish with your talent?

Asher: To continue play music all my life

S.C.T :  Do you have any advice to give other young musicians?

Asher:  Practice a lot and listen music by other musicians.


When not playing the violin, we learned that Asher spends his free time practicing fencing, skiing and swimming.

To keep updated on Asher’s music evolution, you can follow him via Youtube.

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