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Meet Keeton – A Young Artistic Talent

Meet Keeton, a young artistic talent!  Keeton and Madeline met at a home-school co-op in the Pacific Northwest.  Now, 5 years later, Keeton is continuing homeschool while taking some classes at her local high school.

Back at the co-op, we remember always being amazed by her artistic talents; which is why we chose her to be in our first Creative Minds United interview.  Keeton, now age 15, has been a self-taught artist from a very young age.  As her style has evolved and grown with her over the years, she enjoys creating a wide variety of styles from realism portraits with pencil and paper, to animated characters through her art program.

For our first Creative Minds United post, we wanted to showcase Keeton’s artistic talent so we asked her a few questions to share with our readers:


Saturn Creative Team:  We understand that you are a self-taught artist, what is your earliest memory of creating art?

Keeton:  My earliest memory of creating art was from when I was about three years old.  I remember creating picture books for my family to read, and I drew pictures on every page.  I guess I just thought it was fun and wanted to continue! 🙂

S.C.T:  What inspires you to create art?

Keeton:  Most of the time I find pictures that would be fun to draw, and then I come up with creative ideas to make it my own. I’ll also find art pieces of other artists and put my own ideas in and then draw it out.

I mostly draw people, but now and then I’ll challenge myself to do something else.


S.C.T:  What is your creative process like?

Keeton:  I don’t really have a certain creative process.  Sometimes, I’ll find a photo of someone/something online and I’ll think, “Okay I think I can draw that”.  Then I find a piece of art that someone has done, and think, “That’s such a good idea!”, and then sort of combine them along with my own little ideas and techniques.  Other times, I’ll find a picture and then immediately have ideas about how to alter it and spice it up to make it look interesting and different, and how to make it new as my own original piece of art.


S.C.T:  How has your style evolved over the years?

Keeton:  My style has always been the phases I go through throughout the years where almost all of my drawings are one style (for example, realism portraits or chibis) and then transitioning into another style.  However, if I decide to draw in a certain style, I will get better at it the more I draw in that way.

S.C.T:  What do you enjoy most about being an artist?

Keeton:  One thing I love about being an artist is that I come up with any possible idea (from an interesting style to a made-up scene to just a really weird character) and then bring it to life through art.

S.C.T:  What is the most challenging composition you have created?

Keeton: Recently, the Terminator drawing I did was pretty challenging.  Half of the face was pretty easy, but the other half was pretty time consuming and difficult.  I had never drawn something like that before.  But usually drawing multiple people in one picture can be hard because generally I have to draw them all the same size, so one doesn’t look much bigger than the other person when they’re not supposed to.


S.C.T:  Do you ever experience creative blocks?

Keeton: Definitely.  I can’t always come up with ideas.  Those moments are always really frustrating, because I can’t force creative ideas to come to my head, and I know I’ll just have to wait it out until I come up with something again.

S.C.T:  How do you apply your talent in your everyday life?

Keeton: Me and my sisters will usually get together and just draw together as both a relaxing activity, and a creative exercise.  Sometimes we’ll also have fun little drawing games and challenges.


S.C.T:  What do you hope to accomplish with your talents?

Keeton: I hope that I can inspire others to do art and be creative!

S.C.T:  Do you have any advice to give other young artists?

Keeton: Yes!​

1.  Not all your art is going to turn out how you hope, and that’s ok!

2.  Always sign your art and write the date.

3.  Don’t be afraid to try new styles or techniques.


As you can see, Keeton is an amazing artist, both old school and digital.  She also practices other forms of art such as photography, music and theater – which you can find on her Instagram profile @snapesacorn.  You can also follow Keeton and her artistic talent on Sellfy.

Are you (or someone you know) a young creative talent that would like to be showcased on one of our upcoming Creative Minds United interviews?  Complete the form listed on the Creative Minds United page and we’ll get back to you with more details.

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