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Meet Mary K. Smith Part 2 – The Many Shades Of Mary

Meet Mary K. Smith, part two.  This month’s Creative Minds United interview is an expanded conversation with this talented personality.  In addition to her amazing musical talents, our interview uncovered many other shades of Mary – like her fun spirited artwork and study of psychology as a future medical career.

Art – Another Creative Outlet

Saturn Creative Team:  We’ve seen some of your art work – it’s amazing!  When did you discover your artistic talent?

Mary K. Smith:  I wouldn’t call it a talent, more of a hobby really.  Everybody draws when they’re a kid; it just stuck with me more than most.

S.C.T:  How did you learn to create such amazing images?

Mary:  I would call myself, very much a beginner artist.  I use many references and look online for inspiration. I think it’s most important to be very observant of the world around you (of shadows, colors, shapes), this allows you to easily transfer those onto a two-dimensional paper.

S.C.T:  What is your favorite art style to create?

Mary:  I don’t fancy realism too much, but it’s important to have an understanding of it in order to do anything else.  I think I’m still developing/discovering my own style, as I said I’m a beginner.  I like acrylic and water paints the best I think.

S.C.T:  Can you step us through your creative process? 

Mary:  Usually I find themes from other’s art and apply them to my own ideas.   Colors I happen to see when I’m out and about often inspire me.  I also keep a certain phrase or sometimes a song or a feeling in mind throughout the production of a piece!  I’m never sure whether it’s conveyed in the end product or not, but it helps me stay focused and motivated.

S.C.T:  Do emotions arise as you create an art piece?

Mary:  I have always thought that an art piece will strongly resemble the artist, often times more so than what the artist was trying to portray.  Emotions can either improve the artwork or muddy it up; it depends on what emotions you’re feeling and what you’re painting.  Drawing and painting is very therapeutic for me.

S.C.T:  You have a pretty busy schedule.  Do you have much time to do art?

Mary:  Between art, and reading, and music, and the other hundred things I want to do, I often end up obsessing over one for a week or so and neglecting the others (bad habit I know).  I’m working on managing this better, so I don’t spend 5 hours painting when I have a violin competition that week.  I draw a lot more during the summer, when I don’t have piles of schoolwork.

Medical Studies

Another aspect that we learned about Mary is that she has an interest in pursuing a career in psychology.  Her interest brought her to a local high school, Henrietta Lacks Health and Bioscience High School (A.K.A: HeLa High), that allows teens to follow their passions in the medical industry.  Hearing  Mary’s interest in a medical career, we asked her a few questions about what drew her to this field of study.

S.C.T:  What inspired you to join medical high school?

Mary: I found fascination in psychiatry for as long as I can remember.  HeLa appealed to me because of its unique pathways and medical focus.  It was also a new and smaller school, where I felt learning would be more personal and significant during class.

S.C.T:  What are some unique aspects about being part of a medical high school?

Mary:  The focus, of course, is medical!  At HeLa, the coolest thing I think, is the nursing lab.  We have live dummies that can do just about anything except give live birth (they’ve got a pulse, a bp, breathe rate, etc, etc).  The pathways of study all pair very well together as well. It’s a great program if you plan on working in the medical field as soon as possible.

S.C.T:  We understand that you have an interest in psychology.  How did you discover you were interested in psychology?

Mary:  I don’t quite remember where the idea came from.  I remember being very little when I took an interest in psychology.  I went through lots of counseling as a kid so maybe it was my admiration for a few of my psychologists that inspired me.

S.C.T:  What do you find most interesting about the subject of psychology?

Mary:  The brain is really truly interesting.  It’s an organ like all our other organs, but it is capable of so much more.  Psychology is also very interesting because it’s applicable to everything!  We see it everywhere, in our classes, in the mall, in advertisements.  The study of the human mind and how it functions in situations is such a huge basis to everything, and we often don’t notice it!


More About Mary


S.C.T:  We can see that you definitely have a lot of talent and in many different subjects.  Where do you see your talents taking you in your adulthood?

Mary:  I do a lot of things, solely because I enjoy getting better at them. I do hope scholarships are in my future, and career opportunities.  Accumulating these skills while I have the time and opportunity to, is what’s going to allow me to do the things I love far into my adulthood.

S.C.T:  What has been your greatest success in life so far?

Mary:  I think once I earn my M.D, I’ll be able to answer that.  I guess my mom is proud of me, which makes me feel accomplished and content.

 S.C.T:  If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be and why?

Mary:  There’s been chatter in the family about a second trip to China (which would be pretty dang cool).  I would like to go anywhere, someplace as close as Portland, to Hong Kong, to Europe.  I haven’t gone on a trip in a while.

S.C.T:  What is the most memorable advice that you have received?

Mary: I heard someone say somewhere, that a wise man knows that there is something to be learned by everyone/everything.  This has really stuck with me, I’m not sure why.

S.C.T:  What do you enjoying in your free time?

Mary:  Reading, writing, art, and messing around on the piano.  I like shopping and hiking, I also mess with the ukulele a bit.  Makeup is also very relaxing for me.

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By: The Saturn Creative Team

Images By: Mary K. Smith, The Saturn Creative Team


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