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New High Schooler, New Blogger

Happy Summer Solstice! Today we have a new high schooler and blogger in the family. Hayden just published his first independent blog post (we helped him with some minor editing). One of our long term homeschool projects is to learn about blogging. Madeline created her first blog during the summer that she was 14. Now that Hayden is 14, it is his turn to take on that same assignment.

Instead of building his own website for blogging (like Madeline did), he joined the blockchain social media, Steemit. We talked a bit about Steemit in our last blog post. After he published his post, he got some warm welcomes from members of the Steemit community.

Support Hayden’s new assignment by reading his blog on Steemit and giving it an upvote (like). For easy reading, we input his Steemit blog post below.


Hello, Steemians! My name is Hayden Patrick, and I’m a 14 year old homeschooler, artist, perpetual traveler and entrepreneur. I am also a co-creator for Saturn Music and Entertainment (my family homeschool project). Here is a little bit about me.

When I was about five years old, I used to draw my movie and novel ideas hoping that one day I would transform them into movies. I would often draw what I imagined the movie and book covers would look like to help inspire my ideas. In every poster and cover that I created, I had the logo of a production studio that I wanted to have as an adult. I have changed the name many times over the years. Here is the one I finally decided on.


At eight years old, I started playing violin and studying music. My parents wanted me to play an instrument because music was a way my Mom could best communicate with me before I was able to communicate verbally due to my Autism.

When I first held up my violin, I wasn’t sure if it was something I would be good at. But now at my sixth year, I have played in an orchestra with middle school and high school aged kids, a rock orchestra, a trio, and competed in some music competitions. Learning to play the violin and learn the language of music helped me move past my non-verbal Autism. I also think it made me a better person.

I started homeschool in 4th grade because life at public school was not easy, especially for a person as autistic and special needed as I was. My first years at public school were certainly not the best. Kids bullied me, thought I wasn’t ‘cool’ like everyone else, and thought I was different in a bad way because I couldn’t communicate with my words very well at that time. I did have a couple friends in public school, though.

It also took me longer to understand concepts in school, like reading comprehension, so I often felt left behind. It was also hard for me to focus for longer times and I felt pressured to work, which made me feel upset. But one day, I decided to leave public school to go to homeschool because I could not stand the constant and pressuring work and focus. It was too chaotic. But at homeschool, I can study what I want, and when I want and whatever pace I need that day.

Since both my sister and I were homeschooled, my Mom, sister and I started traveling with my Dad for sawmill jobs across the world. The very first trip I went to was in Williams Lake, Canada. Stuck in a hotel for three weeks, with constant snow and freezing temperatures outside, we stayed indoors and homeschooled throughout the whole day, every day. And I didn’t feel pressured at all.

Throughout my traveling years, my family and I have traveled to various provinces of Canada, the North island of New Zealand, Central America, Europe, and across the United States (even Hawaii).

At twelve years old, I started to compose short songs, only about two minutes long. But a little bit after a year, I composed my first official symphony (with the help of my Mom and sister, of course). It included nearly 30 instruments and was about 9 minutes long. I even entered a young composers contest and was a finalist. For those that are interested, you can check it out here.

As a kid, I’ve always known what I want to do as an adult – make movies from my books and novels. But I had to learn how to write books first! So, about a year ago, my Mom gave me a homeschool assignment to start up a website called Saturn Music and Entertainment. The assignment is to create, produce and sell our creative projects and learn how to use blockchain technology with our project. Saturn Music & Entertainment has three main creators, my Mom – The Boss, my sister – The Brains, and me – The Heart & Soul. I was given that title because I come up with a lot of ideas, and because I have been envisioning of having a company/project for a long time. And now, at one year in the making, Saturn Music and Entertainment is now releasing children’s books, music, and much more.

Learning has become more of a lifestyle than an obligation. And learning this way works for me.

If you want to find out more about me or my travels, follow me here on Steemit or on my Instagram account, haydenpatrick2003. You can also visit my family homeschool project to see how the project is evolving:

I’ll see ya soon, Steemians!

Great work, Hayden!  This blog post is an A+.   Stay tuned for more blogs by Hayden, and by us, The Saturn Creative Team, as a whole.

The best way to support Hayden’s new project is to spread the word.  Feel free to share his blog post and be sure to get a Steemit account and give it an upvote.  Each Steem (crypto-currency) he makes goes towards future homeschool projects.

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