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NEW MUSIC – Welcome to Beaverbill – Ludwig the Platypus – The Saturn Creative Team

Hello comic fans and music lovers of all ages!  Today, we are excited to release another song from our Ludwig the Platypus music album – Welcome to Beaverbill.


What is Beaverbill?

Our upcoming comic book series, Ludwig the Platypus, is set in an off-world city called Beaverbill, a technologically advanced city  that is home to the planet’s largest laboratory, Mammalia Labs.

Beaverbill is inhabited almost entirely by geniuses, scientists and their families mixing family friendly fun, quirky characters, superheroes and sci-fi. Daily life there shifts between amazing innovation and total chaos.

Making the Music

When we decided to compose the music for Welcome to Beaverbill, it was important for us to make sure the song reflected the personality of the city as well as the fun nature of the comic series. As we were composing the music, we imagined Ludwig and his friends riding on their hoverboards through downtown Beaverbill, greeting their local street vendors as they pass by. To convey this, we created an upbeat melody on electric guitar that is complemented by the full sounds of the strings and brass, and fun accents of wood blocks.

The Final Results

If we have one word to describe this song, it would be fun! Welcome to Beaverbill was one of our favorite songs to compose on this Ludwig the Platypus album. We enjoyed coming up with the upbeat melody, wood block rhythms, and creating the feeling of hover-boarding through Beaverbill with Ludwig and friends.

Thanks for reading/listening! What do you think of Welcome to Beaverbill? Tell us on our social media platforms – SteemitFacebook, or Twitter!



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