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Our Morning Routine As A Traveling Homeschool Family


As a perpetual traveling homeschool family, we have learned how to adapt to a frequently changing environment while still keeping our morning homeschool routine intact.  A morning routine promotes healthy mental and creative flow which is important for productivity.

Today, we are going to share with you our 4-step morning homeschool routine.

Step One: Reading


Studies have shown that reading first thing in the morning is beneficial for vocabulary expansion, memory improvement, and improved focus and concentration.  This is why reading is how we start each morning. Instead of checking social media or email, we enjoy having a source of morning entertainment that is quiet, and mind provoking.  When we are having our morning reading time, we get so involved in what we are reading that sometimes our Mom has to remind us to “get real schoolwork done”.

Step Two: Coffee


For us, coffee is one of our creature comforts that we can enjoy anywhere we travel. What makes this second step in our routine extra special is the fact that our Mom makes it for us every morning. We are greeted each morning with fresh ground organic beans, coconut milk (it travels well), and stevia. While it seems silly to travel with our own espresso machine (we literally have a suitcase dedicated to it), this morning ritual helps to promote a positive start to our day, and gets our creative juices flowing.

Step Three: Mozart


As we are drinking our coffee and reading a book on the couch (or hotel room bed), we are also listening to classical music like Mozart. We enjoy listening to Mozart because his music has a very calming effect, but we will also listen to works by Correlli, Vivaldi or other classical orchestral composers. Our favorite Mozart piece is the Sonata for Two Pianos in D major, K. 448. We enjoy the unusual arrangement of the two pianos, and have also heard that this particular composition has been known to increase spatial reasoning, and reduce seizure activity in some cases, which is particularly good for those with Epilepsy, like Hayden.

Step Four: Homeschool


While many of our morning routines include cognitive benefits, we continue to apply these aspects into our lives because we enjoy them. When you travel perpetually, you find ways to incorporate home comfort even if your location is constantly changing. After we enjoy our morning routine filled with coffee, reading and music, we get straight to homeschooling and our projects like working with The Pacific Youth Rock Orchestra to play our music compositions.

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