The Magical Adventures of Wonsook Complete!

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It’s finally here!  Our second children’s book,  The Magical Adventures of Wonsook is now complete!  Six months after writing the book script, this enchanting story is now available for purchase on Amazon on paperback.  Click here to check it out. 🙂

This story is about a young Korean girl named Wonsook who wants to play outside, but the rain has been pouring down all day. When Wonsook runs out of things to do inside, she is sent outside with an umbrella that her Grandma says is magic. In the story, Wonsook learns to see the magic around her with the power of her imagination.

We wrote this book after our friend, Wonsook, discovered the perpetual winter rainfall when she was visiting family in the Pacific Northwest. “Does it ever stop raining here?” she would ask us each day. It was so funny to us that we had to turn it into a children’s book!

What makes this book extra-special is the old-fashioned nature of the book, a fun Wonsook paper doll activity at the back of the book and the upbeat sheet music that’s easy for little fingers to play. These fun activities will keep little hands busy rain or shine. We are teenagers and it kept us busy for a good couple of hours! This book is perfect for families who enjoy going back to the good ol’ days before the Ipad takeover. 😉

Now that our two children’s book projects are complete, our next assignment is putting together a music CD of pieces we have composed for our upcoming comic book series, Ludwig the Platypus, Unlikely Heroes.  This summer, we will also begin blogging about our crypto currency projects and the history behind our creative endeavors. Be sure to subscribe to our email list and catch the latest updates.   Only subscribers will have access to our exclusive weekly comic strips – to be released this summer.

P.S:  Check out our music page to have a listen to The Magical Adventures of Wonsook Theme Song.

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