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The Perpetual Traveler Christmas Tree – Saturn Style

As a traveling homeschool family, we’ve had to learn how to be very flexible; especially during the holidays.  This year, we are back in the U.S. visiting family and friends so we chose to stay in a hotel in close proximity to everyone.  As perpetual travelers, it would be pretty difficult to fit a traditional Christmas tree in our hotel room, so we came up with an alternative.  Instead of decorating a normal tree this year, we decided to create our own tree out of the items we carry in our suitcases.  Who knew that all it took to create the perfect travelers Christmas tree is a water bottle, a sock, some travel jewelry and a copper wire with LED lights we picked up at the local supermarket.

“What does a make-shift Christmas tree have to do with the Saturn project?” you may ask.  This Christmas tree represents our freedom through travel, our minimalistic lifestyle, which we value very much and our creative spirit. It also reminds us of how much we have to be grateful for.  Through travel we are inspired and this translates into more cool content that we have in the works for our Saturn Music and Entertainment project.

Check out the items listed to see how we made our travelers Christmas tree:

  • S’well Metallic Water Bottle

  • Green Sock

  • Copper String Lights (we used the batteries from a mini flashlight we carry around so we didn’t have to buy new ones)

  • Miscellaneous Jewelry

  • One pencil to hold up the Hand-knit snowflake

  • Hand-knit white hat (as Christmas tree skirt)

Hope you have a “S’well” Holiday!

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